Custom Application Development

> Software that’s created for you

Here’s a tip: You are better off buying existing software. If you can find a product that meets your needs, use that instead – seriously.

However, sometimes custom software can be the best thing for your business. It might be right choice if…

Still not sure? We can help you decide.

Our Philosophy

We believe that you know your job best and that we can work together to help you do your job better.

We have experience in both the private and public sectors covering topics such as health care, judicial systems, and school transportation. What’s more, is we LOVE learning about what you do and addressing the problems you’re facing head-on.

When working with our customers, we believe that communication is vital and we make every effort to keep you informed. For this reason, we opt for an Agile approach such as Scrum or Kanban.

We take an iterative approach so that you can see progress along the way, and you also have opportunity to adjust course as needed. We also back our development with automated tests to ensure that we avoid the “well it worked last week” syndrome.

Our Tools

We are most comfortable with Microsoft and related web technologies. See the full list.

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